One of our goals is to assure customers that the import or export operations, runned by TekTrade, are safe, not complicated and low cost. Therefore, we provide the following services listed below:

• Third Parties Count and Order and/or under Order Import.

• Export;

• Own warehouse and distribution through commercial segment partnerships.

• Tax planning with strict observance of relevant legislation, reducing risks and preventing the incidence of unnecessary costs.

• Holder of Special Taxation Agreement ICMS on imports through Santa Catarina State, which leads to significant cost savings.

• Imports Customs clearance, following the process together with the competent authorities, if necessary.

• Advice on international logistics.

• Companies License by the Inland Revenue Service/ Siscomex (RADAR).

• Search for international suppliers.

• Preparation and implementation of tax incentive and benefit projects, reducing federal and/or state taxes.

• Identifying and obtaining tax benefits as “Ex-tariff”, Drawback and temporary admission.

• Documentary analysis.

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